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Enjoy a welcome reward of up to 100,000 Avios points or $1,000 from Citigold*

Make your life more rewarding

Unlock new markets and, depending on your circumstances, opportunities to be more tax efficient* by investing your wealth through your Jersey bank account at Citi UK International Personal Bank. Our specialist Relationship Managers can help you explore bespoke options tailored to your unique situation, with the potential to keep your Jersey offshore banking portfolio in place even when you leave the UK**.

* Please note, Citi does not provide tax advice. We recommend that you seek independent professional tax advice. You may choose to use one of our tax consultancy partners.

**Some products and services may not be available in certain jurisdictions. Please contact us if you wish to know more about where we provide our services.

Cruising through Your Expat Wealth Management Journey

An expat wealth journey brings with it management of finances in more than one jurisdiction. Dealing in multiple currencies becomes the new norm. We, at Citigold Expat, understand this and hence offer bespoke expat wealth management solutions for your international banking needs.

wealth_icon1 Enjoy international, multi-currency banking and investment options, with the opportunity to hold a portion of your wealth outside the UK, managed by Citi International Personal Bank in Jersey.
wealth_icon2 Have your onshore and offshore portfolios conveniently in the same time zone, with one Relationship Manager for both.
wealth_icon3 Maximise on high returns from risky international markets by offsetting the risk with returns from steady markets while managing expat wealth.
wealth_icon4 Pay in up to 21 currencies with your one multi-currency debit card.
wealth_icon5 Send money where you need it, fast with fee-free Citi Global Transfers.
wealth_icon6 Hedge the risk of currency fluctuations in your expat wealth management.

A dedicated team to
provide financial advice for expats

We know what it takes to get fully settled in a new country and have a wide range of services and expertise to help you make important decisions on your finances. Your dedicated Relationship Manager is supported by a team of specialists, including an FX Counsellor for all currency-related matters. A Client Services Manager is also on hand to manage transactions and answer any day-to-day queries.

International bank accounts for expats with a dedicated team to support you - Citi UK IPB - Citigold Expat

The Jersey factor

As someone that travels and lives around the globe, holding some of your wealth outside the UK in the form of a Jersey bank account may offer potential tax advantages*, particularly if you are accorded "Resident Non-Domiciled" status.

Our chosen investment location, Jersey, is a world-leading financial centre with a tax-neutral environment, as well as robust regulation by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC)1.

*We recommend that you seek independent tax advice to find out more. While Citi does not offer this service, we have partnerships with leading tax advisors and are happy to make an introduction.

1Source https://www.jerseyfinance.je/jersey-the-international-finance-centre.


Is Citigold Expat Offshore Banking
suitable for you?

To experience expat offshore banking and maintain your Citigold Expat status, you must hold an average balance of $200,000 (or currency equivalent) across your Citi International Personal Bank accounts and investments. Alternatively, a $150 monthly relationship fee (this is the fee for maintaining the account) applies.

International bank accounts for expats with Citigold Expat - Citi UK IPB