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Access, review and sign Citi documents anywhere, anytime.

Signing your Citi documents electronically with DocuSign

E-Signature technology lets you access, review and sign Citi documents remotely and securely. It's free of charge, there's no paper to print or post, and it can be done from anywhere in the world from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our partner DocuSign is a world leader in 'Digital Transaction Management (DTM)' technology – a category of cloud services designed to digitally manage document-based transactions. It's also quick and intuitive to use, whilst making your documents available for secure download whenever you need them.

DocuSign can be used for a range of customer service and wealth management transactions. At present it can be used for W-8 Ben / W9 / Automatic Exchange of Information tax form submissions, disputing a transaction, account opening, or if you would like to purchase our Investment product. You will be given the option by our Relationship Manager/ Client Services Manager/ CitiPhone officer/ Operations team to use DocuSign.

Make your life easier with DocuSign



An electronic signature (or E-Signature) is an electronic method of identifying a person and allowing them to complete, sign and submit a document without ink or paper.

Your e-signature is a version of your name in Arial font, selected by you and accompanied by a similar version using just your initials. Each electronic signature is unique and encrypted using industry standard technology.

If you have any questions about using DocuSign, our Quick Guide is the easiest way to find help. General information can also be found on DocuSign's own support site at https://support.docusign.com/.

If you have questions about a document Citi has sent to you via DocuSign, please contact your Relationship Manager, CitiPhone or a Client Service Manager, who can provide answers about the document.

DocuSign can be used by clients of Citibank UK Limited and Citibank International Personal Bank Jersey.

You must have a valid email address and mobile number registered with Citi. To use DocuSign for your next eligible transaction, please speak to your Relationship Manager, CitiPhone or a Client Service Manager.

The terms and conditions you signed when you opened your Citi account apply also to use of DocuSign. Nonetheless, when you start to use the system, we'll ask you to give explicit consent to use the technology.

No, you do not need to pay or create a DocuSign account to sign a document.

No. It will work on most modern computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones capable of accessing the internet. You don't need to download and install any extra software. For a full list of hardware and software requirements, please see page 8 of the Quick Guide.

You can currently use DocuSign to submit Tax Forms (W8, W9-BEN, CRS), Dispute Forms, Account Opening and Structured Note Subscriptions. We will soon be extending this to other types of transaction and will update you as soon as these become available.

It can be used for SOLE, JOINT/OR, and JOINT/AND accounts. In the case of a JOINT/OR account, any one of the account holders may sign electronically. In the case of a JOINT/AND account, all account holders must sign electronically.

Yes. Citi is committed to providing security and peace of mind for all our customers. DocuSign meets the most rigorous security industry certification standards, and exceeds industry best practice for data protection, data transmission and secure storage.

Click Here to view DocuSign's Approach to Security and Privacy.

While DocuSign is perfectly safe and secure, there are some elementary extra precautions you can take:

  • Remember that we will only ever send a DocuSign email to the email address you registered with us.
  • Never share or forward a DocuSign email, or your access code.
  • Do not sign a document if you suspect that your email address or mobile number might have been compromised. Contact us immediately to update the relevant details.

You will need to go through one or two stages of authentication to view or sign documents sent to you by Citi. This will be required each time you access the documents.

Authentication method 1: Access Code. In most cases, the DocuSign site will let you know which information to use as your access code. In others, a member of the Citi team will advise you on your access code before sending you the document.

Authentication method 2: One Time Password (OTP). If a One Time Password is required, your mobile phone number will be displayed on the authentication screen. Follow the onscreen instructions to send the 6-digit One Time Password to your mobile phone via text message. To authenticate, please enter the code onscreen.

Note: You will need to request and enter an updated One Time Password each time you go through SMS authentication.

You have three attempts at authentication. If your authentication attempt is rejected three times, please contact Relationship Manager, CitiPhone or a Client Service Manager.

It's likely that a signature is still required somewhere in the document, or that a required field is not yet complete.

Please check for any incomplete fields (outlined in red). If you click the blue "Next" or "Fill In" tab in the left margin of the signing screen, DocuSign will take you directly to any required fields or signatures you have yet to complete.

Make sure text is entered in the correct format. If you click "Finish" and DocuSign navigates you to a required field that is already filled in, hover your mouse over the field. If a note with red text appears, this means the text you entered is not in the correct format.

If you do not sign the documents Citi sends you via DocuSign, we will send you a series of email reminders. To stop receiving reminder notifications, you can:

  • Complete and sign the document.
  • If you no longer wish to sign, please contact your Relationship Manager, CitiPhone or a Client Service Manager and ask them to void the document.

Once you've submitted your document, it isn't possible to edit the information you provided. Please contact Relationship Manager, CitiPhone or a Client Service Manager to start a new document.

Yes. After you've submitted, we will send you an email via DocuSign with a link to the completed document(s). Simply click the email link to view the document(s). You can download a copy or print using the buttons at the top of the window.

Yes. While we encourage you to experience the paperless way of signing documents, you are welcome to sign in paper form if preferred. To arrange this, please contact Relationship Manager, CitiPhone or a Client Service Manager.

The email we send you to initiate the eSignature process will come from "Citi via DocuSign", and will be sent from an email address that ends with "@docusign.net". All URLs to view or sign DocuSign documents start with "https" and contain "docusign.net/".

You can also hover your mouse over the "Review Document" link in the email to begin signing.