Global portfolio management made easy with our Advisory - Citibank UK IPB Global portfolio management made easy with our Advisory - Citibank UK IPB Global portfolio management made easy with our Advisory - Citibank UK IPB


Designed to support you through your wealth journey.


Getting to know you and your needs

Your dedicated Citigold Relationship Manager puts you and your needs at the core of the Gold Conversation. Your Team of International Wealth Advisors will have an in-depth conversation with you to understand your current financial position, goals and needs, to determine the most suitable investment portfolio for you. This crucial step ensures alignment of aspirations at the time of investment analysis and portfolio management.

Your needs form the core of our investment analysis and portfolio management - Citibank UK IPB
Getting to know you and your needs


Achieve your financial goals

Our goals-based advisory tool provides a comprehensive and holistic view of your portfolio, empowering you to make truly informed decisions in your global portfolio management. Total Wealth Advisor is an intuitive, interactive wealth management tool that greatly enhances the way in which you and your Relationship Manager plan your financial strategy in line with your aspirations. This financial planning and analysis tool can be accessed through Citi Online, allowing you to view your portfolio and generate reports, giving you a complete picture of your financial situation whenever you want.

Achieve your financial goals
Achieve your financial goals


Invest across the globe

At Citi International Personal Bank, we use our global investment expertise to help you make the most out of offshore private wealth management. Investing, saving or holding an offshore bank account can offer you a host of benefits from increased protection of your wealth to potential tax advantages. Your Team of International Wealth Advisors will work with you to develop an investment strategy tailored to your needs and advise you in your international portfolio management.

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Diversify your wealth management portfolio by investing offshore - Citibank UK IPB
Invest across the globe
You can gain access to diverse types of investments or other financial products that might not be available in your home country
Through your offshore bank account, you can manage your money in a wide range of currencies across the world
If you live in more than one country or plan to move to another country you can benefit by holding some of your wealth internationally, as it is easier to access and you can hold it in the currencies of both countries
You can further protect your wealth by banking or investing in highly regulated safe and secure markets
There may be certain tax advantages to holding a portion of your wealth outside of your home country. This depends on where you live and where you pay tax.*

*Citi International Personal Bank does not offer tax advice and you should consult your tax or financial adviser to find out what is appropriate for your individual circumstances.

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