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Secured Lending

Make the most of new opportunities with our secured lending services

What is Secured Lending?

Investing your wealth strategically allows you to live life to the full today, while providing for your future and your family. Yet no matter how well you plan, unexpected opportunities often demand quick access to finance.


Releasing funds at short notice can potentially disrupt your long-term investment strategy, but there is a way to access finance while keeping your portfolio on track. Our Secured Lending services offer a quick and easy way to borrow, and Citi offers fixed terms loans or overdraft facilities using our new Portfolio Power approach.


  • Our securities backed lending allows you to secure your borrowing against your whole portfolio to spread the risk and better protect you against market movements
  • Funding can be made available within one working day, with just one form to complete
  • Retain full control of your portfolio so you can buy and sell assets as normal
  • Find out how our Power Portfolio approach could help you manage your wealth effectively. Arrange a consultation

Portfolio Power

What is Portfolio Power?


Portfolio Power is our Secured Lending service that helps you access money without disrupting your wealth strategy.


Whether it's a new business venture, a family celebration or an opportunity that's just too good to miss, you need your wealth to work for you, today and over the long-term.


Portfolio Power is suitable for you if:


  • You want a straightforward finance solution over the short-to-medium term without impacting your long-term wealth strategy
  • You want the freedom to take advantage of a personal or business opportunity by having an overdraft facility in place
  • You're willing to secure your investment portfolio as security against your borrowing
  • You need quick access to funds without incurring transaction costs on your investment portfolio
  • You want to leverage your portfolio and understand the potential benefits and risks
  • You are able to repay the borrowing at short notice if required


How it works


  • You use your Citi portfolio as collateral or security against a overdraft.
  • We work out the maximum amount you can borrow based on the current market value of your investments.
  • Your borrowing is secured against your total portfolio, not just one of your assets, which spreads your risk.
  • Our lending decision is tailored to you, and we can make a decision and release funds within one working day.
  • The terms of your borrowing will be clear and straightforward, plus you can still manage your portfolio as normal.


Secured Lending: Benefits & Risks

Taking a short-term loan or overdraft facility can help you take advantage of new opportunities without interrupting your wider investment strategy.




  • Access funds in one day - Citi can make a decision and make funds available to you in one working day
  • Easy process - your Relationship Manager can discuss your options and there is only one form to complete and sign covering your whole portfolio
  • Stay on track - Get the funds you need quickly without disrupting your investment strategy
  • Keep control - You retain the ability to manage your portfolio and buy and sell assets
  • Spread risk - With our securities backed lending, that allows you to secure your whole portfolio against your borrowing, rather than a single asset, you have better protection against market movements




As with any secured lending facility there are risks to be aware of:


  • If the value of your portfolio falls or the volatility of your funds increases, the maximum amount you are able to borrow could be reduced, and you may have to repay some borrowing to keep within the new maximum borrowing amount
  • In some cases, you may be required to repay the whole amount plus interest
  • We may have to sell the assets you have secured against the loan to repay any shortfall
  • If you borrow to fund a further investment, the effect of a small market movement will be magnified on your portfolio, and you may need to make additional margin deposits or liquidate your position at a loss
  • Interest rate fluctuations could increase or decrease the value of your investment


Our Secured Lending services


Whether you want an agreed loan for a set period or the flexibility to borrow as and when you need to, our Portfolio Power approach can help you access funds quickly:


Overdraft facilities


If you require more flexible borrowing facilities that allow you to draw on credit as and when you need to, you could open one of our overdraft facilities.


By choosing this option you will only pay interest on the amount you have borrowed (or are overdrawn by), and you will be given an overdraft limit to determine the maximum you can borrow.


Eligibility and fees


  • Existing Citigold customers can access our Secured Lending products by contacting their Relationship Manager.
  • Your Relationship Manager can give you a personal and detailed quote including any interest charges, risks and fees.
  • Minimum borrowing of $120,000 US Dollars applies.
  • Secured Lending is not available to US persons and certain Greek and Irish citizens (depending on residence). Speak to your Relationship Manager for more information.