We help you build your wealth & protect your assets to make you feel relaxed with your family We help you build your wealth & protect your assets to make you feel relaxed with your family We help you build your wealth & protect your assets to make you feel relaxed with your family

Wealth Management Solutions

From helping you build your wealth to protecting your assets, our comprehensive suite of world-class products offer solutions for short and long term global wealth management.

With Citi’s global presence and on-the-ground market knowledge, we are able to offer you wealth management solutions from right around the world. All of our products and solutions are carefully selected and subjected to rigorous analysis on an ongoing basis. As an international bank, we also offer you the flexibility to avail our wealth management solutions in a wide range of currencies.

The dedicated Relationship Manager service is only available for clients who hold the minimum balance of $200,000 (or equivalent amount in the account currency) or pay the monthly relationship fee of $150.

Our wealth management process

At Citigold, we believe that wealth management is not a one-off process. Your Relationship Manager will work with you to develop a global wealth management strategy that reflects your ever-evolving investment goals, your personal circumstances, your investment timeframe, and your attitude to risk.

Step 1

Your investor profile

Your Relationship Manager will spend a substantial amount of time talking to you about your personal circumstances, your financial needs and goals and your attitude to different levels of risk. This deep understanding is then used to develop a wealth management strategy that's customised to your needs.

Among the things you will discuss in your initial consultation, which can be face to face or over the phone, will include:

  • Your investment aims and objectives
  • The level of risk you feel comfortable with
  • Your knowledge and experience of investing
  • Any current investments you may have
  • The capital you have to invest
  • Your time horizon

Step 2

A balanced asset allocation

Following this initial consultation, your Relationship Manager will then set about identifying the types of product that fit your profile. To help you achieve a balanced asset allocation in line with your investment strategy, they will match you with one of our risk-adjusted model portfolios, especially designed for internationally-minded Citi clients. These model portfolios are designed to address your investment objectives, risk tolerance and timeframe.

Your Relationship Manager will aim to diversify your investments across a number of different asset classes, to create a portfolio with a lower overall risk level than that associated with some standalone individual assets. This way, your potential for return is optimized for given level of risk you take.

Step 3

Selecting a range of investment products

Once your wealth management strategy has been agreed and the optimum asset allocation identified, your Relationship Manager will recommend a selection of investment products to make the most of your assets and to help achieve the goals you've set.

Our investment range includes:

Step 4

Ongoing Review and advice

Over time it is inevitable that both your personal circumstances and market conditions will change, so it is very important to review your portfolio with your Relationship Manager to ensure that your strategy keeps in line with these changes and your new financial goals. You can request a review at any time.

Citigold Wealth Manager shaking hand with the client


Wealth Management Products

Our wealth management partnership begins with knowing you and aligning ourselves to your goals. Your dedicated Relationship Manager supported by a team of global financial advisors will provide insights and guidance that will help keep you on track to meet your financial ambitions.

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Wealth advice from a dedicated team of experts


Access a diverse range of investments products and offshore accounts that might not be available in your home country.

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Trade across different countries with our International Brokerage Service.

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Trade Bonds not only in the UK but also across the world, to diversify your portfolio and spread your risk.

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Convert a wide range of currencies, at Citi's market exchange rates with our Foreign Exchange services.

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Move money across the globe quickly and easily to other Citibank accounts in over 19 countries.

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Investing for the long term is a key part of wealth management and Mutual Funds are one of the most popular ways to secure your financial future.

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Portfolio Power is our Secured Lending solution that helps you access money without disrupting your wealth strategy.

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Secure your money with fixed competitive rate of interest, and guaranteed returns.

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